Brett Johnson: Process 149

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Brett Johnson was invited by Fabric (the London Uberclub and purveyors of all that is good dancewise) to produce a mix. He has posted the result online. I’ll let the man himself take up the story……

“I was initially asked to make a mix for Fabric to share with its fans and party goers – normally a simple task. Living in Berlin for the Summer, I thought finding a DJ setup in a city full of professionals would be easier than it was! I was able to piece something together at a friend’s place with one of the most basic and junky mixers I’ve used since I was a kid. However, after a couple hours of mixing on my new toy tin can, things started to come together. This mix includes some of my own nu music (nu release on Mike Shannon’s Cynosure) as well as old and new favourites. I threw in a few of my “Bredits” (as my friend calls them) for some unique DJ fun. Hope ya’ll dig.

As he says himself enjoy.

Tracklisting below.

01. Brett Johnson – Detrás En El Pegajoso – Cynosure Recordings
02. Pablo Bolivar – Magnum (Tigerskin Remix) – Absurd Recordings
03. John Tejada – Vertex – Palette Recordings
04. Mike Monday – Plankton (Pezzner Unreleased Mix)
05. Brett Johnson – Southern Dandy – Cynosure Recordings
06. DJ Pierre – Master Blaster (Bredit Synthapella) – Strictly Rhyhtm
07. Chez Damier – #49 (Bredit) – KMS
08. Chez Damier – #49 (Original) – KMS
09. Frank Solano feat. Aren B -Beautiful Connection (Fred Everything Vox Mix) – Loudeast Records
10. Black Joy – Untitled (Bredit) – Freerange Recordings
11. Moodyman – I Can’t Kick This Feeling – MM Records
12. DJ Koze – Mrs. Bojangels – Ciscus Company
13. Paul Rutherford -Oh World (Universal Mix) – Ummm….can’t remember.

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The countdown to Frightfest……T minus 16 days.

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Frightfest, the UK’s premier celebration of all things horror, approaches at pace. It is now just 16 days until 1000 odd (really odd!) people gather at The Empire cinema, Leicester Square for 5 days of non stop blood n’ guts, Q and A’s and, best of all, a chance to see the cream of genre cinema from around the world……

So in honour of this fact over the next few days I’m going to post some trailers and details of some of the celluloid treats that will be laid before us and our long suffering and far more squeamish partners.

Today we focus on slasher movie THE HILLS RUN RED. Written by David J Schow, who penned several of the better entries in the Texas Chainsaw Cannon, the film tells the story of a chap who is intrigued by a legendary lost horror movie. (The Hills run Red). Although upon investigation it turns out that the film has way overrun it’s shooting schedule and many years on the cameras still roll…..along with the heads of those that unknowingly join the cast….

The Hills Run Red is showing at 9 pm on August 27th. Ticket details are available from the Empire Cinema.

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…….I’m blogging with FLOCK. About Macabre.

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It apparently allows you to edit blog-posts from directly within the browser…..

So, if say, I’m REALLY excited about MACABRE which is due to get a UK premiere at Frightfest and want to share the trailer with all 2 of my readers (Hey S and….erm…S) then I just paste the URL in here and voila……

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Hello Kitty, it’s a boy!!!!!

Posted in Japan, Randomness on December 9, 2008 by Andrew Macdonald

As a complete and utter Japanophile I’m often found looking East to see what groundbreaking technologies, concepts or just good old fashioned Endurance style craziness the nation will think of next…..

Well not content with having a theme park dedicated to the diminutive cat, Sanrio Co, her creators, have gone one better and got the popular Hello Kitty character a maternity hospital.

The Hau Sheng Hospital in Yuanlin central Taiwan cost $3,000,000 and everything is themed with Hello Kitty. It’s owners believe that the popular figure will put at ease both expectant parents and their offspring.

Rumors of a forthcoming Tickle me Elmo Crematorium, remain, at this time, unconfirmed.

Still, at least the novelty will distract from labour pains, as a Midwife gazes at your own kitty, waiting to say


Friday The 13th- Full Trailer now online!!!

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The popular craze for remaking “Horror Classics” can be rather hit and miss. On the pro’s list we have Snyder’s  Dawn of the dead, which, zombie baby non-withstanding, was really good and Aja’s remake of The Hills Have Eyes which kicked major butt. Trust me, if you haven’t checked it out then I have one thing to say to you-It’s all about the suckling, Baby!!!

But then on the con’s list we have….LOADS!!! As an aside, what is it with Rob Zombie? The guy obviously loves horror. He is obviously in love with all the right things regarding horror. Tobe Hooper, that whole late 70’s early 80’s feel, early Wes Craven, even Sam Pekinpah and certainly talks a good game. But the finished products……Hmmm. Sadly lacking. Anyhow, I digress.

The lovely people who brought us the remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre  (which was a bit meh…TCM-The Beginning was far far better. Nice to actually see, after 5 entries in the series, people actually being massacred with chainsaws) have remade Friday the 13th…..

The full trailer, as opposed to the teaser that was doing the rounds in August, is here courtesy of Yahoo movies:

….It’s looking pretty good and opens worldwide (almost) on…..Friday the 13th!

Gotta hand it to those marketing majors!


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It’s all about….

Music, of all types.  From Girls Aloud to Nurse with Wound.

Film, of all genres.  From Inside to Enchanted.

Games, across a variety of consoles.

In fact, anything and everything……